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Our Vision

Empowering the next generation of investors

The democratisation of impact investing is core to our purpose. We want to improve investing performance and lower operational costs so that Wealth Managers, IFAs and Asset Managers can generate better returns and fees for their retail investors.

Enabling positive change 

Today’s investor cares about our world. People want performance but they also want to make a positive impact. We share this ambition and that’s why we develop solutions to enable the changes required today to build a better future for tomorrow.

Model Portfolio Service (MPS)

Building Model Portfolios is a complex problem because financial markets are highly dynamic and constantly changing. MPS addresses this complexity through the use of AI and reduces the time and costs associated with the construction of model portfolios.


Input Data

MPS is a tool within our platform to assist investors in the development of portfolios.

Within the MPS we can store thousands of data points for relevant benchmarks and external funds. Investors are able to input any of their own funds and benchmark data.


Using the data, our MPS enables detailed analysis and comparison of potential portfolios:

- Create combinations of custom weight strategies/funds and then display the past performance.

- Use our portfolio optimiser to identify the efficient frontier of combined strategies/funds.

- Identify correlations of strategies/funds within portfolios using our heat map tool.

Build Efficiently

Our MPS has been created to bring efficiency to the process of building investment portfolios. The data analysis is done within seconds, saving investors time and expense.

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