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We believe in empowering investors to fund a better future. At Level E we are uniquely positioned to help structure, organise and execute strategies to achieve this objective.

Stone Balancing

Portfolio Rebalancing

Utilising Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence we can build active strategies that dynamically adjust to firms’ changing ESG objectives, relative to the portfolios’ specific ESG standards. This allows for autonomous rebalancing of portfolios in relation to ESG.


We have the capability to build bespoke rules-based exclusions into portfolios and simulate the effect of these rules prior to live trading.


M&G Case Study

ESG is incorporated in the US Smart Alpha Strategy via a dynamic inclusion/exclusion approach. Companies are excluded for the period in which their revenue or business practices fail to meet ESG standards.



For those excluded companies, if they improve their business practices to be more in line with ESG standards, then according to pre-determined criteria they are then  re-included in the strategy.

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ESG in Numbers


of all Institutional Investors to increase ESG allocation in next 2 years.


flowed into ESG-integrated funds in 2021.


of all professionally managed assets to be ESG-mandated by 2024.


out of 10 Institutional Investors were recording higher returns on ESG investments over non-ESG.